Cass County Barn Quilts

Starry Night

Fred and Gladys Buell began building the family home in 1921 followed by a number of outbuildings. The barn was built in 1922 and the corn crib, along with a pit to care for an elevator, was erected in 1925. While originally designed to hold ears of corn, the corn crib was modified by Henry and Steve to serve as a granary for both corn and soybeans. Since its existence, the farmstead has had three different families call it home: Fred and Gladys Buell, Henry and Sylvia Klemme, and current residents Steve and Betsy Klemme. In 1995 they purchased the farm from Fred and Gladys’ daughter, Frances. The quilt pattern Starry Night was selected because one of the greatest pleasures of rural life has been the ability to gaze into the evening sky and see bright shining stars. It reminded the Klemmes of the vast universe and the Lord’s miraculous creation. Owner
Steve and Betsy Klemme
8005 298th Street, Murdock
Elmwood-Murdock Merchants’ Association